Small Kitchen Tables

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Small Kitchen Island Tables

Small Kitchen Island Tables - Buying Guide

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Small Kitchen Island Tables - Kitchen Carts 

One great solution to help solve the space dilemma and provide an area for the family to get together when shopping for small kitchen tables is to consider kitchen island tables or even kitchen carts. A kitchen island table can help provide more surface for food preparation, a few additional shelves for open storage, or even enclosed storage area. It can also be used as your primary dining/work area in your kitchen and if you add wheels it’s easily portable. They come in a variety of designs and configurations including:

·          With wheels

·          Without wheels             

·          With shelves

·          With cabinets



Kitchen Island Tables - with wheels 

Small kitchen islands with wheels are a great solution when you want to be able to move your kitchen table back into a corner after you done eating or working. Of course, when shopping for a table with wheels make sure it has heavy duty casters and it’s a good idea to have a locking mechanism on the wheels as well.

Product Description

Black Kitchen Island Table w/Granite Top & Drawers

  • Dimension: 43-1/3"W 31-2/5"D 36"H
  • Finish: Black
  • Material: Wood with Granite Top
  • Clean Line and Contemporary
  • Kitchen Island on Casters
  • Storage Drawers
  • Wine Glass holders




Kitchen Island Tables - without wheels

 You will find that a beautiful kitchen islands can become the focal point of your kitchen decor. They are not only very functional but also help to create additional storage and work space. Designs available today are also very stylish and feature quality workmanship.

This Expresso Finish Breakfast Bar Set features two hideaway stools that help make this table a great way to maximize space. This breakfast set features two side-by-side utility drawers that are perfect for storage and also provides a convenient paper towel holder.    

The table dimensions are : 44.5" x 19.25" x 34.25"H. Stools are 13.5" x 13.5" x 24.25"H and the drawers measure 15.25" x 13" x 2"H.


Black Kitchen Island Table


Kitchen Island Tables – with shelves

Small kitchen tables featuring a kitchen island or kitchen cart with open shelves allow you to store and display your favorite kitchen items, and at the same time keep them easily accessible and close at hand.

This unit has a little bit of everything - shelves, cabinets and its on wheels.

Product Features: 

A mobile island kitchen made from bamboo with granite inlay on top to help expand your kitchen space.

This workstation is comes complete with chrome-finished hardware, towel rack, two fixed slatted shelves, cabinet with one fixed shelf, two spacious storage drawers, and heavy-duty locking rubber casters for easy mobility and safety.

Dimensions: 43.125"W x 19.75"D x 36"H.





Kitchen Island Tables - with cabinets

Need a little extra storage space but don’t really want to display all you miscellaneous tools, spices , a or a few extra dishes. Get the extra storage space you need with a kitchen island cabinet unit. They provide the perfect place to store frequently used items just below your workspace, and still keep everything out of sight.

Product Features

  • Wood Kitchen Cart with Extra Storage
  • Two utility drawers
  • Heavy duty locking casters
  • Adjustable shelves behind panel doors
  • Kitchen tool caddy


Though there are ample varieties of kitchen islands available in the market, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for in pre-built islands. A custom kitchen island can provide you with a superb quality construction, classic styling and most tailored to the precise requirements of your home.

A couple of custom kitchen island examples: