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Small Retro Kitchen Tables

Small Retro Kitchen Tables - Buying Guide

Small Retro Kitchen TablesFurniture from the forties and fifties is back in fashion – again - and so is the retro kitchen table. For several years now people who understand where the market is going have been buying up fiberglass draperies, bent plywood chairs, and even bright chartreuse dinnerware – unheard of even a few years ago. Why – well for one reason  many of these classic designs are relatively inexpensively to buy today. There are a wide variety of retro small kitchen tables available online today and one of them might be just the be the retro solution you are looking for, plus you can add a little pizzazz to your kitchen with a great retro look.

Wartime and post wartime designs were very modern in their design and some of the best pieces were almost like sculpture featuring very innovative looks. Furniture manufacturers in the early 40’s were force to go to alternative materials like polyurethane, plastic and wood because of a shortage of metal, which was being used in the war effort. Small kitchen tables featuring a retro design usually incorporate both plastic and limited use of metal. This was also a time of relative frugality (sound familiar) so the objective of manufactures was to create pieces that were relatively inexpensive and easy to clean – mom’s back then didn’t want to spend too much time cleaning house either. Also, many of the postwar designs included things like stacking chairs that were lightweight and portable – just the thing for fitting into small apartments and kitchens. So the need for small kitchen tables is a recent problem – people have been finding solutions for decades.

And just as it was in 1940, today the kitchen table is still the central focal point of the kitchen, the place where we sit with a cup of coffee and spend a few reflective moments alone and the place where we gather with friends and family. A small retro kitchen table provides the perfect backdrop for the modern family, just as it did 70 years ago.  Below are a couple of my favorites but you can easily find a great selection of styles, sizes, colors and price ranges by shopping online.

 Retro Kitchen Table - Barstool 

 This funky set features 2 bar stools in a classic flame vinyl fabric and accompanying pub style table in designer red glacier boomerang Formica. Ah, I just love the small of formic! This set is sure to add a little wake up call to your kitchen if you don’t need seating for a lot of people and it’s also a pretty good space saver. This set is easy to clean and maintain, its comfortable and yet still durable and features a classic retro 50’s look.


Pub Table:
- 30-inch Round Table
- Table Height: 42 inches

Pub Stools:
- Upholstered Swivel Grooved Ring Seat
- 16 Gauge, 1 Tubular Steel Chrome Plated
- Standard Seat Height is 30 inches

 Retro kitchen table - bar stools 


 Retro Kitchen Table - Diner Booth

 Want to create your own diner experience with a 1950s style diner booth seating. If you have the room this is a great looking set and certainly brings back a bit of the 50’s nostalgia. This diner boot and pedestal table can brighten up your kitchen or even a game room! It is made from heavy duty material and will very durable and like many retro designs – it’s easy to clean!


Diner Table:
- Table Measures: 30 x 42 inches
- Grooved Bright Aluminum 1 1/4 inch Trim
- Chrome Column Pedestal Base
- Commercial Grade

Diner Booths:
- Fully Upholstered Booths
- Diner Booths Measure: 44W x 24D x 36H


Retro kitchen table - booth