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Small Kitchens Tables - Small Round Dining Table

Small Round Dining Tables - Buying Guide


Small Round Dining Table - TMS

Looking for small kitchen tables that are round and can fit into a variety of different small spaces?  Our advertisers offer great prices on a variety of innovative solutions in every shape - including small round dining tables. 

This retro style small round dining table from TMS will surely be perfect for home interiors with retro styles. TMS is known to create the best retro furniture in the country, mainly because they have been doing this for almost twenty years already. They have mastered everything that is needed to be mastered for their products to become the best. The table has an alluring white finish with chrome steel legs to support the top. The top is made from fiber board and PVC laminated and a chrome frame. You will surely love this table because it will bring you back to the retro years.



 TMS Retro Dining Table in White with Chrome Accents - 12607



Small Round Dining Table - Boca Rattan



This Boca Rattan dining table will give a classic experience to you and to your family. This is one of their Delta Round Dining Tables that are well constructed with durability and beauty. This table will assure you that it will last for a long period of time and can even pass from generation to generation. This table is available in different finishes such as, urban mahogany, cottage white, royal oak and ebony.




  Boca Rattan Delta Round Dining Table - 22013-X




Small Round Dining Table - Jofran


This Jofran round table will bring sophistication to your dining room. This table has the simplest design of all their products yet the most elegant looking one. You can use this table for simple dining and such. It has a glass top which completes the over all look of the dining table. This table is finish in Carlsbad cherry while the edges are burnished into perfection. You can match this table with veneer stools so you and some friends can comfortably sit here.




 Jofran Phoenix 4 Piece Round Table Dining Set in Carlsbad Cherry - Phoenix Dining Series




Small Round Dining Table - Armen Living


This round marble table is from Armen Living and features a compact design that can easily accommodate up t six adults for dining. This table is European inspired using  beige travertine as the centerpiece inset for the table. The smooth edges of the table are smooth which will help you lessen the possibility of injury as you navigate around the table in com fined spaces.  You can also match a set of coco light cream chairs to go well with your overall dining room design. This marble table will truly give you and your family a unique dining experience and a very cozy feeling because of the table's texture.




 Armen Living Round Table for Small Spaces




Small Round Dining Table - Knoll


This stainless steel dining table from Knoll will add a touch of the wave of the future. The base of this table is made from polished cast aluminum and anodized to create a dramatic effect. The feet are made from silicone which are non scuffing glides. You can choose from the smallest table from the largest one. The top is finish in metallic laminate and stainless steel which is proven to be UV resistant. You can also use this table indoors or outdoors depending on the style that you want to create.




  Knoll ® Pensi Round Dining Table - 29TR