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Small Kitchen Tables - Small Kitchen Cart


Small Kitchen Cart - Buying Guide


Shopping for a small kitchen cart to make the most of your limited kitchen or dining room space, and want to add a little extra storage capacity at the same time – out advertisers have some very creative solutions. They feature innovative designs and great pricing and are a great small kitchen table solution.

Whether you are looking for a microwave cart, a small utility cart, a small kitchen cart with a butcher block top or almost any combination of function, design and size is available.

Our advertisers offer both affordable prices and outstanding quality on small kitchen carts from leading manufacturers like Bedford , John Boos, Ikea, and Winsome with every top of top from butcher block to stainless steel and a variety of storage combinations for everything from wine bottles to small kitchen appliances.    

Small Kitchen Cart - Home Styles


This small kitchen cart from Home Styles will give your kitchen a comfortable and warm ambiance. This cart contains two drawers where you can store the utensils that you usually use in your kitchen. The shelves are used to keep the things that you use for cooking and are adjustable.


You can freely move this cart because fo the four sturdy casters that is has. This is made from hardwood solid and a wood solid top for cutting. It is finish in lacquered natural. The drawers have glides with stops, while the shelves are adjustable. You can also put your hang towles or other items on the towel bar.


 Small Kitchen Cart



Small Kitchen Cart - Catskill Craftsman


This eco friendly kitchen cart from Catskill Craftsmen will help you to save some space in your kitchen. It features a very simple yet stylish design. This cart includes two cutting boards which are located on each side, where you can simply hide them under the table top. You can also store your kitchen stuffs here because of the large drawers provided. Made from northeastern hardwoods for durability. 




 Small Kitchen Cart




Small Kitchen Cart - Oasis Concepts


This Oasis Concepts kitchen cart will serve as your entertainer kitchen cart featuring a top shelf which has a a parquet design to add style. your family and friends will surely love your cart especially when you use it to serve food in the dining or living room. Foldable which will help you save more space the cart also has several storage for wine glasses and wine bottles underneath. Made from Basswood, the rolling cart also comes with towel holders and utility bar.




  Oasis Concepts Entertainer Folding Kitchen Cart with Wine Storage - KK-3005M4




Small Kitchen Cart - John Boos


This cart which is made from hard rock solid is from John Boos. It is finish in cherry base to create a warm and inviting feeling. For your cart to last longer than usual carts, it has an oil finish for durability. The legs are perfectly designed uniquely for added appearance. You don't have to worry about its mobility because the casters include locks where you can lock the casters if you want your cart to just stay in one place.




 John Boos Kitchen cart



Small Kitchen Cart - Powell


This Powell kitchen cart is perfectly made for kitchens with limited space. This cart will give you the space that you need, the storage that you need for your cooking materials and such. This cart is finish in alluring oak and includes a drop leaf top wood. The cutting board is made from black in set granite. There are also multi bin drawer and a tray which you can lift out. There are two shelves where you can store wine bottles and books about cooking.




 Powell Kitchen cart





Small Kitchen Carts - Nexera Delissio


For small kitchen carts that are very functional, the Nexera Delissio would be perfect for carts that are mulit-functional. All your kitchen stuffs can be kept here because of the storages and slight curves that this cart has. You can place an over or a microwave on top and some utensils underneath. You can store some more at the bottom part of the cart because of the big cabinet that it has. This cart has a natural maple finish with an adjustable shelf. It is made of particle board and density fiberboard.




 Nexera Delissio Microwave Kitchen Cart with Enclosed Storage Space - 599




Small Kitchen Carts - Enclume


This Enclume kitchen cart will surely look beautiful in every corner because of its simple yet alluring style. The cart's base is made of hammered sturdy steel to ensure the quality. You can safely put any utensils in this cart because it has a big storage shelf. The sideboards are also useful for spices and such. You can also choose from different finishes and designs available that will suit your kicthen's interior and your tastes.




 Enclume Baker's Sideboard Kitchen Cart Base




Small Kitchen Carts - Catskill Craftsmen



This kitchen cart from Catskill Craftsmen will surely give you the space that you want. It has two drop down leaves, where you can drop when you don't need a big space, while lifting it up will give you a a big space to work on your meals. There are also three storage baskets where you can put all the things that you need when preparing your meal. The casters are also available so that you can relocate it easily wherever you want it to be.  This cart is made from north american hardwood in natural oil finish.




  Catskill Craftsmen Basket Kitchen Cart w/ Two Drop Leaves - 7226




Small Kitchen Carts - Danver Stainless Steel


This stainless kitchen cart from Danver Stainless Steel will make you look like a working chef. This cart is very functional because of the drawer, twoel holder and of course the shelves. This will definitely compliment every kicthen interior. It is made of stainless steel from top to the legs. It also has locking caster which you can freely move and utensil hangers. You can also used this indoors and outdoors.




  Danver Cocina Stainless Steel Kitchen Cart - C27181/C27DR/C2718TB




Small Kitchen Carts - Wildon Home Chandelier 


This alluring white cart is from Wildon Home Chandler that will surely make a great piece in your kitchen. The combination of white and cherry finish is what makes this cart very alluring and warm in the eyes. It is made of veneer and solid birch for quality. It has a big cabinet where you can store all your stuffs for your cooking and preparing food. A towel holder is also included so that you can easily clean any spills and stains on your cart.




 Wildon Home Clark Dale Kitchen Cart in Cherry and White - 021124