Small Kitchen Tables

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Small Kitchen Tables - Small Dining Table and Chairs

Small Dining Table and Chairs - Buying Guide


Looking for a small dining table and chairs for an apartment, condo or small home? You are in luck! Manufacturers and our advertisers today offer an amazing array of small kitchen tables and small dining room tables to help you deal with small spaces. Compact doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or innovative design.


Small dining table and chairs furniture are available in almost any finish, color, style and size you can imagine. There are small kitchen tables designed for the kitchen and small dining room table and chairs designed for the outdoors for the garden or patio. No matter what style you are looking for you can find a solution from contemporary dining room tables to small bistro kitchen tables or even a small retro style dining table and chairs.


You can find amazing dining room furniture that is the perfect blend of style and high level of comfort to add a sense of beauty to virtually any room in the house.  By using a sumptuous solid wood finish, these delightful pieces of kitchen furniture are created for every events. From a gathering of the family to an intimate social gathering for close friends, this is one set of dining room furniture that is sure to impress.


Whether you now have a new contemporary look at home or even a more transitional simple decor this dining set has the ability to work with a number of different looks. It's not hard to create the right mood for a dinner for just two when you start by using a dining set constructed with such impressive quality and charm which will last for years and years.


Small Dining Table and Chairs - Knoll


This dining set from Knoll is especially made for people who live alone and such. You will love this product because they are environment friendly. They are one of the companies who are known to have a LEED certification from the green council. Their products are made from good quality woods and glass for durability purposes. The table is made from white or black laminate with a cast iron on the base. While the chair is made from contoured plywood with a foam cushion for comfort.



  Knoll ® Noguchi Cyclone™ 3 Piece Dining Table with Saarinen Executive Chairs - Noguchi Cyclone Dining Series

Small Dining Table and Chairs - Calligaris


This stylish yet glamorous dining set is from Calligaris who is well known when it comes to elegance. This set has a table with a sturdy wood frame finish with a veneer top. What is good about this table is that you can simply extend it whenever you like or whenever it is needed, especially when you are dining with a number of people. This set can accommodate six to eight people. The company is also known for its princess chairs because of the comfort that it gives the users.





Small Dining Table and Chairs - Sitcom


This dining set from Sitcom will surely be love by many. They have all the styles that you want, whether its for a contemporary setting, modern or antique one. This set is one of their Novato collections. It has four stool bars with a table which is made of solid birch and ash veneer. The stools are made from vinyl and birch solid frame. The table has a leaf which is removable for easy use.





Novato gathering Table



Small Dining Table and Chairs - Calligaris 


This Italian dining set is from Calligaris. This dining set has a cabriole legs which can add elegance to every dining room today. Usually this type of dining set is seen in homes that have modern interiors for it to perfectly match with their homes' designs. They have different styles where you can choose from such as the veneer wenge or the white glossy lacquer finish. You can also dine in with four to six people here. Sit comfortable with the cushioned chairs that this dining set has. You will surely enjoy your everyday experience in this set.





  Calligaris Regency Extendable 5 Piece Dining Set with Déjà Vu Chairs - Regency Dining Table and Déjà Vu Chair Dining Set