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Slate Kitchen Tables

Slate Kitchen Tables - Guide 


Slate Kitchen TablesIf you are looking for a small kitchen table table that will fit well in your kitchen and add a very contemporary look at the same time consider a Scandinavian or slate kitchen table. You will find a variety of woods from teak to distressed looked dark woods. You will also find tables that incorporate glass, metal, wood and slate depending or whether you want a more traditional looking table or leading age.

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Are you looking for a more traditional looking round wood table with a slate inserts that is sophisticated and elegant?  This distress wood finish slate insert kitchen table with metal chairs and an antique brown metal finish will complement the most sophisticated to casual decor.  This wonderful looking small kitchen table and matching chairs will add to the beauty of any home.

slate kitchen tables


If you do have a small area and require a small kitchen table you can still find slate top tables in designs with extensions for example that should work for you.

The beautiful cherry wood finish table below with a slate inlay provides an elegant solution for people who need a slightly larger table from time to time. With an extension that can easily be added to provide for additional space or removed for a more intimate setting this beautiful table provides a great alternative. With a 14 inch removable extension leaf this table made from solid woods and veneers is a great buy.

slate kitchen tables


Shopping for a warm Tuscan style counter height kitchen able to bring a feeling of warmth into your kitchen, to remind you of a sunny Italian villa with its rich aroma’s and great food?
This small kitchen table features a dark chest nut distressed look with a poly slate insert top. This Tuscan style dining table is a great addition to any kitchen if you are looking for a bit of traditional elegance.


slate kitchen tables


Slate kitchen tables or slate table tops are an excellent addition to any kitchen because they are a very durable piece of furniture that should provide years of outstanding service, be easy to maintain, and can certainly ad a sense of warmth to any room.