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Small Extendable Kitchen Tables

Small Extendable KitchenTables  Buying Guide


A place where you could expect there to be warmth and love is the kitchen. This is why a dining table should be given much importance and you shouldn’t settle for just any ordinary one. Usually, the kind of tables that are appropriate for small kitchens are smaller in size because they have to be made to fit inside an eat-in room and they have to appear more casual than your typical kind for a similar reason. When it’s just for your simple home, don’t have anything fancy. All you need is plain and simple, nothing more that can be a distraction.

 Choose wisely and be aware of what you need to note down. When it comes to picking a set for your home, don’t rush the process. Size is one factor that needs to be considered. The kitchen table that you should get depends on how large your house is. If your place is not that loose, go for one of the tables for small kitchens that won’t take up a lot of space. Because they occupy a lesser portion of your dining area, they can’t be crowding up your place. You could have additional appliances if you want. Having a big-sized dining table in a tiny house will just bring problems.

Small Extendable Kitchen Tables - Choosing the Right Shape

Then there’s the shape to think of. Usual kitchen tables are round, rectangular and square. Try to picture the best-looking table to have in your kitchen. Choose a shape that will complement your entire room. Allow it to add an extra appeal to your dining area so that whenever guests come over for a visit to have short and worthwhile conversations with you, they can have a snack and be amazed by what you did with your kitchen.

An extendable table is great way to save floor space in a kitchen or dining area, but also seat the whole family at mealtimes. The Mission table featured below is an surprising piece of furniture that opens into an 88" long dining table. You can find a great selection of these versatile small kitchen tables that give you the option of seating a varied number of people – either for small family meals or larger gatherings with friends.

 Also, the quality of a dinette shouldn’t be taken for granted. Sure, most tables for small kitchens cost lesser compared to big-sized ones but it doesn’t mean that they have to come in poor quality. What’s the point of getting a dinette when it’s going to give you a lot of worries? Search for a table set that is made of fine wood, glass or plastic. All over the internet, there are tons of available kitchen sets that are only cheap when it comes to their prices. Made in great quality, they can wow you with what they can do.

 Small Extendable Kitchen Tables - Clean Designs

This clean lined Mission console cabinet hides an amazing feature. Pull out on the two front handles and one side of a table starts extending away from the base cabinet. Using the five 14" wide leaves stored within the cabinet you can create a table of varying lengths up to a total of 89" long.

· Crafted of select hardwoods and hardwood veneer with faux drawer accents and a long-lasting finish.

· Comes complete with 5 leaves to expand your cabinet to a dinette or dining table size.

· Leaves store in cabinet when not in use.


Product Details

· Cabinet: 29"H x 41"W x 21"D.

· Dinette or game table: 31"H x 41"W x 41"D.

· Dining table: 31"H x 41"W x 88"D.

· Includes 5-38"W x 14"D leaves.

If you've been searching for a table that's suitable for small spaces, but also want one that perfectly matches your home decor; this unfinished drop leaf table fits the bill. This small table can be painted or stained whatever color you wish. This table features Shaker style legs, and is crafted from solid hardwoods. When the arms of this table are folded down, the table measures 30-inch H x 18-inch W x 22-inch D. When the arms are extended, the table measures 30-inch H x 36-inch W x 22-inch D. Perfect for kitchen nooks or small dining areas.