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Small Drop Leaf Kitchen Tables


Small  Drop Leaf Kitchen Tables  - Buying Guide 



If you are shopping for a small drop leaf table for the kitchen or dining room our advertisers offer a wide variety of creative options at very competitive pricing.

Whether you are shopping for a small drop leaf table to ad a sense of warmth to your kitchen or dining room like a small oak, natural white, or cherry table or a more modern and contemporary look like chrome and glass tables we have kitchen furniture and small kitchen tables available.

You can find round drop leaf tables in both traditional designs and small drop leaf tables that will fit into almost any space and still expand when you need a little extra room for dinner guests.

Just because you need a solution that is compact it doesn’t mean you have to give up on finding a kitchen table that is both stylish, functional and perfect for a small area.

Small Drop Leaf Kitchen Tables - Design 

A drop leaf table has a fixed center section and hinged side panels. When the side panels are lowered, the table top is smaller, but when the sides are raised, the top area is enlarged. Sometimes, a table is split in half, with one section stationary and one side able to be lowered. Often the movable portion has a leg that extends to support the opened portion and slides under the frame when the movable leaf is lowered.

As you all know the usual drop leaf table are ideal for spaces that are small, but if the usual size of drop leaf table still doesn't fit in your room, then a small drop leaf table would be the one for you. As you all know a drop leaf table consists of one or two leaves on each side, which you can drop down flat against the legs of the table. In this way, your table will now be narrow in size because the only thing left is the middle section of the table. You can choose from different types of small drop leaf table that you need, whether its drop leaf breakfast bar, counter height drop leaf table, drop leaf dining sets, or just the drop leaf dinette tables. This is usually ideal for people who live in a container van; because as well all know they really have a limited space there, that is why having a small drop leaf table would definitely be beneficial for them. You can also choose from different shapes and shades available. You won't be having a hard time setting up their leaves if you want to use them, because these kinds of tables are known for their ease of use.   


A drop leaf table is a another solution for solving the small kitchen table problem:


This dual drop leaf table has up to 36 inches of width when fully open and stores with a 10-inch wide footprint. It features swinging gate legs that provide excellent stability and hardwood construction. Its specifications are as follows: 


Overall dimensions assembled: 36" W x 24" D x 30"H  

·        Overall Dimensions with both drop leaves up: 36" W x 24" D x 30"H      

·        Overall Dimensions with one drop leaf up: 18" W x 24" D x 30"H      

·        Overall Dimensions with drop leaves down: 10" W x 24" D x 30"H     




Drop Leaf 1


Of course, small kitchen tables don't have to be square or rectangular. If your intetested in a round drop leaf table this 36" round dining table features a drop leaf in a n  atural finish and is made of solid wood. This table has a drop down leaf featuring a round butcher block table on a single pedestal. The overall dimensions are 36" W X 36"





This small drop leaf table will surely fit everywhere, even to kitchens that are very small. If you need three square feet of space you can simply open one leaf on the side. So if you open both leaves you will have six square feet of table which is good for two persons. If it is not in use, you can drop the leaves and fold the swing legs and place it on the side of your kitchen.  

Product Description: 

·         Constructed of solid North American hardwood in the Catskills Mountains 

·         Butcher block top 

·         Natural oil finish 

·         Dual drop leaf 

·         Convenient carry handles in sides 

·         Overall dimensions with both drop leaves: 30" H x 24" W x 36" D 

·         Overall dimensions with one drop leaf: 30" H x 24" W x 18" D 

·         Overall dimensions closed: 30" H x 24" W x 10" D 




If you are looking for a small drop leaf table which is not too luxurious in the eye, this classic and stylish piece by Whitewood is the one for you. This is a forty two inches table, which is perfect for two persons. If you are dining alone, you can always drop one of the leaves to make things easier for you. This table will add a graceful touch to your home because of the elegant base that it has. 

Product Description: 

·         Made out of parawood 

·         Black finish 

·         Assembly required 

·         Overall dimensions: 29.5" H x 42" W x 42" D 






This small drop leaf table will surely bring brightness to every room because of the cottage style that it has. You can match everything with this table because of the white finishing. This small drop leaf table measures thirty inches in height and sixty inches in diameter. It also has storage underneath the table where you can put some of the things that you need when dining. 

Product Description: 

·         Leaf table 

·         White finish 

·         Wood construction 

·         Cottage style 

·         Overall Dimensions: 30" H x 60" D 




Small Drop Leaf Table - Winsome


This small drop leaf table from Winsome will give your home a versatile look. It has two drop leaves which is good for people who have limited space at home. This will enhance the look of your dining room or kitchen because it is finish in light oak, which will add decor to every home. This small round drop leaf table measures forty two inches only which is great for single dining or for two persons as well. 



  Winsome Basics Round Drop Leaf Kitchen Table -- 42" - 34942



Small Drop Leaf Table - TMS


This another table from TMS will be a perfect addition to any home which has modern or contemporary interiors. There are known to make good quality furnitures that it will certainly suit your need. It will transform the look of your home because of the finishes of this small drop leaf table. It has a round top with a perfectly detailed legs to suit every interior of your home today. The table is finish in natural and white shades, and it is also and from rubberwood sturdy. This table is usually used for casual dining, coffee and small snacks. 





 TMS Double Drop Leaf Dining Table in White / Natural - 44201NW




Small Drop Leaf Table - Concepts


This drop leaf table from International Concepts will be the envy of many. They are well known to produce international products such as, dining chairs, table, bar stools, dining sets, china cabinets and counter stools that you will surely love. This forty two inches double leaves table will be ideal for two persons and can definitely give you the extra space that you want when you are not using it. The detailed base will definitely add a touch of elegance in your home and its great for small spaces. 





 International Concepts 42" Round Dual Drop Leaf Pedestal Table in Oak - T04-42DP




Small Drop Leaf Table - Comfort Decor


This Comfort Decor product is one of the most table used in casual dinnings because of the alluring details that it gives every home. This drop leaf table is available in three different finish, coffee, black and natural. You can choose depending on the style and finish that will suit your home interiors. The table is made from hardwood for durability and is very eco friendly. You can easily clean it with a soft cloth and warm water. A perfect 4 chair option for a small kitchen or dining room.





 Comfort Decor Contemporary Drop Leaf Leg Table - RDT-176