Small Kitchen Tables

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Kitchen Table Bar Stools for Small Kitchens 

Kitchen Table Bar Stools - Perfect for Small Kitchens in the Modern Home 

Retro Kitchen Table & Bar StoolsWith today’s modern kitchens we are looking for more versatility in the furniture that we buy, especially when working with a limited space like a small apartment or a small kitchen. That's just one of the reasons the use of bar stools in the kitchen is becoming more popular these days. As a breakfast bar or even the main dining area in as small kitchen bar stools for use in the kitchen add quite a bit of flexibility. They make perfect small kitchen tables for rooms with limited space. 

If you are shopping online for a new bar stool there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Bar Stool Styles for the Small Kitchen

You will find a variety of different designs available that will work well in the kitchen but it depends on how you plan to use them as to what style you want. If you are shopping for stools that will be used around a bar style island or a counter top you will want to look for a taller bar stool and one that doesn't have any arms. If you are planning on using a bar stool as a chair around a counter height table then you want a stool with the features of a traditional chair - like arms - to provide for more comfort.

Kitchen Bar Stool Sizes

3 Piece Bistro Table & Bar StoolsTraditionally you find that bar stools are from approximately 24 inches to 36 inches high, some barstools are also available with an adjustable function which is a very nice feature is you need to use the same bar stools for both children and adults.To make sure you are getting the proper size you want to ensure that you have about 12 inches of spaces from the counter top to the seat of the stool. This distance allows you to sit comfortably at the counter.

Materials & Textures for Kitchen Bar Stools 

There are a variety of choices available when it comes to materials. Typically you choose a material that will coordinate well with your existing decor. Online you can find wrought iron, wood and metal of course are the most common.
The type of material texture you choose will be greatly influenced by your design goals. Are you trying to make the barstools the center of attention to draw the eye to a specific focal point in the room? Or do you want the barstools to blend in with the decor and be primarily functional?3 Piece Wood Kitchen Table & Bar Stools

Speaking of being functional. The choices you make in terms of style and materials will also be influenced by you plans for using the stools. Are they to be the primary setting for the counter top area, or just a place for friends to sit occasionally while watching the Saturday football game on TV? Are they going to be subject to abuse - kids dropping ketchup and mustard on them or are adults, responsible we hope, the primary users. Whether you choose cloth or leather or other types of materials will be influenced by these factors. I always go for a material that is easy to clean and will wear well.